Website Traffic Checker: How To Estimate Any Sites Traffic

Stephen Minto
December 8, 2020
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Check Website Traffic

Learn how to check the traffic data of any site using a free website traffic checker. Analyze competitors domain metrics to help your sites growth!

Website traffic is important to track because its the total number of people who are visiting your website. The more visitors you have the more successful your website is.

You probably check your traffic once a week maybe even daily but is that enough? Do you have any idea how well your site is doing compared to the competitors? Would you like to learn how to check the website traffic of your competitors?

In this blog post we will be looking at ways of increasing your website traffic by using the data provided by services that let you check website traffic from sites you are directly competing with.

Why Should You Track Website Traffic?

Knowing how many visitors are coming to your site and what search terms they are using is crucial to success.

Whether you are selling physical products, looking for sign ups or ways to increase your AD revenue you need the data.

To improve conversions you are going to need to dive into your website statistics to get the bigger picture. Learn where your traffic comes from and your competitors.

So, lets answer the question - How do you check website traffic for your website?

How to Analyze Your Website’s Traffic

The best tools for analyzing your own sites traffic come directly from Google.

Google Analytics

It's been around for a long time and comes with a lot of features, most importantly it will tell you just how many visitors your site is getting.

Google analytics is free and easy to setup, using their tool you will want to look at the following tabs.

Unique Visitors: The amount of people who visited your site

Page views: How many views each page has had

Organic search traffic: How many people have came to your site directly from search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more.

Google Search Console

Another free tool from Google, this one aimed at the data Google has on your website.

Using GSC (formally google webmaster tools) you can check how many clicks from Google your site has received and what keywords have brought those clicks.

You can also get click-through rate data which can help you tweak content on your site (meta titles, descriptions) to try and improve visitors.

Google will also let you check your backlinks which is updated weekly.

Analyzing Competitors’ Website Traffic

Now that we covered checking website traffic for your own sites, its time to look at the competitors.

  • Analyzing your competitors traffic is key to becoming the authority in your niche and you will want to
  • Find which pages and posts drive the most organic traffic
  • Learn which keywords are pulling the most traffic
  • Get the data on which channels are driving the most traffic.

Top Tools for Checking Website Traffic

SEMrush organic traffic check


My favorite tool for doing a complete audit of both my own sites and competitors.

SEMrush will show you which keywords your site is ranking for and also which keywords the competition is ranking for.

Their traffic reports are easy to read and updated hourly if you are on their higher plan.

You can get the data using their 7 day free trial here.


Another SEO audit tool, this time more focused on link building and a great backlink checker.

Ahrefs have a large database of keywords that can help you get an estimate of our competitors sites traffic.

You can also use their keyword difficulty tool to try tackle those "easy wins" before focusing on the tougher competitor keywords.

Ahrefs have a free 7 day trial which is plenty time to get the data needed to start increasing your visitors.

Check traffic with similarweb


SimilarWeb will let you  get an overview of you or your competitors site traffic.

Their data is limited in terms of tracking new or small sites but surprisingly accurate for large sites.

You can use their traffic checker to learn which top 5 keywords your competitor is ranking for which is enough to get started with.

Paid plans include more data and keywords.


Alexa (not the speaker) is owned by Amazon and one of the first tools that let you check website traffic for your competitors.

They have both a free and paid plans with the free plan having limited data.

Alexa is best used on high traffic sites as the more visitors a site received the more data it collects.

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